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The purpose of this web site is to hilight the theme of promoting world peace which is an important component of the Olympic Movement.

Olympic Movement:
  • "Its purpose is to unite the youth of the world in peaceful congress through sport, free of discrimination of every sort." - Richard Pound (March 1995)

  • ... "to contribute to building a peaceful and better world by educating youth through sport practiced without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic Spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity, and fair play. The activity of the Olympic Movement is permanent and universal. It reaches its peak with the bringing together of the athletes of the world at the great sports festival, the Olympic Games." - Historical Dictionary of the Olympic Movement; Ian Buchanan and Bill Mallon, 1995 (p. 127-128)

  • Coubertin hated politics stating, "We have not worked, my friends and I, to restore the Olympic Games to have them made a museum piece or movie, nor for commercial or political interests to take over." - Baron Pierre de Coubertin (President, IOC; 1896-1925)

  • "The largest peacetime gathering of humanity in the history of the world" - Jim McKay (sportscaster)

  • "Ladies and gentlemen, I feel these Games have proved that we do something to contribute to the mutual understanding of the world, what we have in common and not what our differences are. If we can all come together it will be for a better world and we shall avoid the holocaust which may well be upon us if we are not careful." - Lord Killanin (President, IOC; 1972-1980)

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